Are You Suffering from Social Media INFORMATION FFF?

FFF – Fact or fiction film, the crazy layer of confusing information that builds up in the mind causing irritations of many forms that can only be cleaned out by setting goals so you are able to see what information you need and trash the layers you don’t need. More about FFF here.

10 Ways to Determine if you are Suffering from Social Media Information FFF:

1. Every time you hear the words “social media” you have trouble breathing.

2. You believe you are having memory loss issues because everyone is talking about Web 2.0 and 3.0 but you don’t remember what 1.0 was.

3. You are not really sure what “tweeting” means but you use in sentences often.

4. You had a 30 minute conversation about Facebook with your best friend who just had a baby and you never asked what the baby’s name is.

5. You are checking yourself into a clinic for exhaustion, You figured your bookmarking and “save to read later” habits will get you there soon enough so why not be proactive.

6. Your blurred vision sees all web addresses like this, it looks like a dangerous code but you click through anyways.

7. You need an RX to understand what to do with RSS

8. You have nightmares where little icons you have seen on web pages are following you and asking you to “click here.”

9. You laugh when you see commercials for, then stop laughing abruptly when relating to “search overload” gives you a headache.

10. You woke up one day and everyone else seemed to have added social media expert to their title and you wonder how you missed the memo.