Are You Suffering from Social Media USAGE FFF?

FFF – Fact or fiction film, the crazy layer of confusing information that builds up in the mind causing irritations of many forms that can only be cleaned out by setting goals so you are able to see what information you need and trash the layers you don’t need. More about FFF here.

10 Ways to Determine if You are Suffering from Social Media Usage FFF:

1. Your speaking patterns in public are interrupted by an urge to share, tweet or post.

2. You are dehydrated from hitting refresh over and over again waiting for someone to reply to your clever update.

3. You are suffering from depression after you throw a party and invited all your “followers” and no one came.

4. You have so many passwords and logins you are sure you are suffering from multi-personality disease.

5. Speaking of multi-personalities, you can’t be 100% sure this happened but you have a sneaky suspicion you had a full conversation with yourself on one of your profile pages yesterday.

6. You were so excited to be the first to tell people about a new social media tool only to have a panic attack when they asked, “What are you using it for?”

7. When you meet someone new, you can’t wait to ask them to be your friend, not in real life but on Facebook.

8. You have no idea what your best friend means when she asks you to be “present” and can’t understand why she does not want to hear about your 300 friends online.

9. You made your parents join Facebook to see photos of their grandchildren.

10. You told someone you don’t read DM’s anymore but will respond to their @reply messages.