Are You in a Relationship with a Device Rather than a Person? (Device FFF)

FFF – Fact or fiction film, the crazy layer of confusing information that builds up in the mind causing irritations of many forms that can only be cleaned out by setting goals so you are able to see what information you need and trash the layers you don’t need. More about FFF here.

10 Ways to Determine if You have Device FFF

1. You use texting acronyms like LOL, LMAO and BTW when you are actually SPEAKING with a person.

2. You match your wireless Bluetooth earpiece to your outfits and never remove it during the day.

3. You text your spouse, neighbor or roommate even when you know they are less than 50 feet away from you.

4. You answer the phone and text during dinner, dates and conversations with friends.

5. Instead of making plans to see someone, you tell them, they can see you on Facebook.

6. You have never seen the handwriting of five of your closest friends.

7. You don’t know the eye color of the last 3 people you dated.

8. You wear out keyboards faster than the souls of your shoes.

9. When you take a vacation, you take your laptop, Bluetooth, cell phone, iPod, etc.

10. Special memories only enter your thoughts if your login passwords reflect them.