SocialBling was established in 2009 by Stephanie Michele. Stephanie, a seasoned marketing and advertising professional predicted business social trends years before social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn entered the marketplace.  She understood that in order to thrive in today’s competitive and fast-paced marketplace, trust must be established and maintained at all times. Trust in all relationships vital to business success; employees, partners, vendors and customers. This relational principle is the foundation of SocialBling. We use our proprietary process to develop, test and measure the effectiveness of communication in the two main areas: inside an organization (workforce culture) and outside an organization ( consumer relations and marketing).

Workforce Culture Development

  • Effective Cross-Generational Communication Development
  • Employee Advocacy Programs
  • Productivity Advancements
  • Sentiment and Collaboration Advancement
  • Team Building
  • Technology Implementations (CRM)

Consumer Relations

    • Retention Planning
    • Reputation Management
    • Digital Marketing
    • Influence and Affiliate Marketing
    • Branding
    • Advanced Consumer Behavior Analysis
Social Today

The way you communicate has a big impact on your ability to get along with people and get the things that you want. Good communication skills can help you avoid conflict and to solve problems. Open and honest communication is essential to building sustainable relationships. Successful communication can be taught to both individuals and cultures. Just like we exercise the body to improve performance, exercising the brain is required to improve communication skills.