Socially ILL

My Confession
In the fall of last year, I tried to combine advocating awareness to a social epidemic that I am passionate about with my actual consulting work. At the heart of both is a promotion of relationship building and social awareness. So in a tongue in cheek way meant to inspire conversation, I named the joint project/business SocialBling. Considering how our culture only seems to want to talk about material things (bling) I thought I would promote relationships as an over-indulgent luxury. Everyone told me it was ridiculous ambitious. They were right, but I don’t have a fear of being wrong so it did not matter. The only thing I truly fear is being alone and I did not feel like I was doing anything that was promoting that fear so I pressed on. After all, how could someone that promotes the value of relationships as an essential element of well-being and success; who loves meeting people, helping people meet others and who loves to entertain ever end up feeling isolated? Now reading through that list I know exactly how. It is a simple equation of inclusion vs. exclusion. read more »

Half-Baked Social Media Cake

Half-Baked Social Media Cake

Do we understand enough about the present to predict the future? I get asked almost daily to reveal what I believe the future has in store for social media development. I find this topic strange because we barely understand what is happening now in social media. Undoubtedly those of us claiming any kind of expertise in social media are often seduced on keeping up appearances by giving our opinions and predictions at a frequency equal to a self-loading paintball gun. But it’s that very frequency where lack of understanding is proven; an overload of misleading information meant to serve singular purposes, companies and/or people is the problem not the solution. read more »


The Science of Happiness

In the middle of a busy travel schedule, positive psychology expert, Shawn Achor took time out of his day to talk with me about the science of happiness. Shawn started studying happiness as a undergrad at Harvard. He has spent the past several years researching and teaching at Harvard University on the subject of positive psychology. His lectures on happiness and human potential have received attention from The New York Times, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, CNN, and NPR. With his company Aspirant, Shawn travels across the United States and Europe giving talks on the science behind individual happiness and organizational success. read more »


Outsourced Feelings

Thanks Chris, I am hearing what you are saying.

From the article, “Why People really do care about Privacy” read more »


Thinking about it?

Do you ever wish you could think differently or inspire others to do the same?  Here are my top 10 thoughts. What are yours? read more »


Communication Weapon of Choice

The right to bear arms and exploring new territories seem to have a long history of courtship together. It must be basic human nature to fear what is unknown and prepare for conflict.  I see and experience this fear over and over again in social media as this formula seems to be prevalent:

Computer keyboard- face to face communication + social media =weapons of mass destructive words read more »


I See You: A Reflection Inspired By Avatar

I went to see the movie Avatar over the weekend. It is way too easy to criticize the movie. There is so much in it, yet one could also argue what was there was not enough. As I blog, what I am about to say might sound hypocritical: There is a lot of “noise” in words in review. I want to inspire more than  noisy thoughts, I want to inspire action. So here is my reflection and how I am going to put into action. read more »