Is consumer perception of your brand standing in the way of your success? Let us review for you.
Introducing SocialBling’s Brand Identity Review.

What is included in a SocialBling Brand Identity Review:

  • Overall brand identity score (Brand rating system on scale of 1-5)
  • Best next steps and recommendations
  • Detailed evaluation and score in the following three areas

Employee (Insider) Sentiment

1. Culture – What is being shared about the culture of your company in public?
2. Promotion – How do employees and insiders promote your products, services and company’s values and beliefs?
3. Longevity – How long are employees staying with the company? What is their loyalty based on?

Public Sentiment

1. Alignment – How aligned are consumers to your messaging? What is their reaction to core products and promotions? How do they show their support?
2. Ownership – Are consumers endorsing your products and services? Do they publicly acknowledge their purchases from your company?
3. Interaction – How frequent is your company interacting and responding to consumers and related industry news?

Clarity of Communication

1. Consistency – How aligned is all of your communication to key points, promotions, products and services?
2. Precision – Is it easy to understand? Are you using terms that outsiders will understand?
3. Imagery – Is your imagery visually stimulating, relevant and aligned to your core messages?

Price: $600

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