Halloween, Corporate Culture and Burning Man

My friend pointed out to me last week that he was “beginning to hear a theme” in our conversations. I am willing to bet if you asked five other people I speak with the most, they would tell you they hear my theme too. Everybody has a theme, it is the stage of theme that differs. A theme might be based on insecurities and fears, some you are willing to conquer and others that might be too hard to face. A theme can be based on passion and purpose; you might be in the process of gathering your thoughts or you might be laser-focused on certain actions and activities that are helping you visualize your life purpose. read more »


Interview with April Beyer, Professional Matchmaker and Relationship Coach

Recently, I caught up with April Beyer for an inspiring talk about relationships. April is the real deal!! She is passionate about what she does and she is good at it!! She has been featured on ABC’s 20/20, CBC, NBC, MSNBC, iVillage live!, Playboy Radio, Star 98.7 and she is a regular guest expert on the Dr Phil Show.

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Top Ten Mistakes People Make in Online Networks (brought to you in David Letterman Style!)

Top Ten Mistakes People Make in Online Networks

10.  Forget about it’ – signing up for a network and not taking the time to put a photo or a profile up stating why you joined or what you are about.

9.  What happens on facebook, stays on facebook. – Now that you’re facebook friends, you don’t write or call anymore?  For real relationship TLC, don’t forget to make time for conversation over the phone and in-person get-togethers. read more »


Why SocialBling, Why Now?

There is a long list of really important words and phrases that seem to be frowned upon – Commitment, Relationship, “We Need to Talk” and “It Is Not Working” comes to mind. These words bring fear to most yet without them there is not much that would get accomplished. Could you actually achieve a goal without speaking a single word? Could a plan be carried out with commitment? Can you learn what works without exploring what does not? read more »


She has EVOO, I have EMBR

I like and admire Rachael Ray for many reasons. She is transparently-quirky, charitable and driven by her passions. In 2001 she was relatively unknown yet in three short years she was well on her way; making her mark with TV and radio shows, books and merchandise lines. I also like that she is now 41, and did all of this in her 30’s, proving that it never too late to reach for your dreams even if we are living in a “younger is better” nation. read more »