Connecting is Better than Networking.

There is difference between connecting and networking. If you don’t believe me reflect on how you feel when you experience each one. The networking experience might bring up thoughts of events where you sport the infamous “Hello my name is” sticker while trying to figure out what you need to say to whom, carefully avoiding people who seem determined to sell you something on approach. A connecting experience might bring up thoughts of moments when you knew someone understood you, where you felt comfortable to trust and forge a relationship with them. Another difference between the two might be speed: Networking seems to be approached with speed where connecting takes some time.

I understand how fast things seem to move these days and it is so incredibly easy to get caught up and/or go through the motions, yet feeling connection with someone is one of the most meaningful and rewarding gifts we can provide for ourselves and for others. To insure connection happens, you might have to slow down, catch yourself from making quick judgments and believe that each of us has a story to tell and in that story is something we need to hear, something we can connect to.

With today’s communication tools, never have there been more opportunities to connect. Ideas, Innovation, movements of charitable good; they may start with one person yet in order to grow and be shared with many, connections have to be made. SocialBling wants to make these connections. All you have to do is tell your story and encourage others to do the same. We want people to experience a world where their goals are encouraged and supported.