Through the Perspective of New Eyes

Last week I hosted a high school friend and her husband from Michigan on their first trip to California and Los Angeles. Growing up in the Midwest, I know experiencing LA for the first time is a complete culture shock.  It was good for me to see things new again through their eyes. Here is some of what I learned through them:

  • It is pretty normal to be out of your comfort zone when you are experiencing something new yet if you are naturally curious and find enjoyment in learning something new, the discomfort goes away.
  • When a diverse group of people come together it creates a community rich in culture, creativity and acceptance.
  • Being resourceful is a two way street – learning how to create your own resources and share with others is very rewarding.
  • There seems to be a connection between positive social interaction and healthy well-being. What comes first fit body or fit mind? It really does not matter as long as you are willing to cross the road.
  • Dreams come in all shapes and sizes pursue them even if you don’t know the outcome.