Energy is Contagious: Why I Want to Live my Life in a Happy Flash Mob.

There are thousands of studies about the power of energy. Our thoughts and feeling shape our lives and create the overall energy we stay in, if you want to increase positive energy you have to consciously make the decision to think positive thoughts. You have to treat negative thoughts like weeds growing in a garden pull them out at the root and get rid of them!! Remove Judgment, Anger, Fear and Sadness.

One of most powerful examples of contagious good vibes is the work of director Michael Gracey. He has staged and recorded huge flash mob/impromptu performances that capture the capabilities of human hearts connecting in purest form. I can’t watch these videos with smiling, shedding a tear of joy or getting goose bumps. Note: if you wondering how these events happen know that there is group that is “in the know” to inspire the energy yet the majority of the people participating join in on their own.

Four of my favorite Michael Gracey’s videos: Oprah’s Kick Off Party with the Black Eyed Peas, Sound of Music Central Station Belgium, Hey Jude Sing a Long, Liverpool Street Station Dance and Sing. (CLICK PHOTO TO WATCH)

I am utterly devoted to living my life as a participant in a happy flash mob, anyone want to join me?