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Stephanie is a speaker at the upcoming Gov20LA event in Santa Monica on April 28.
Topic: The Singularity of Organization is Influence






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Educational Event Series Topics to Include:

Advancing Communication Online and Off

Advancing Team Communication Skills (Collaboration)

Aligning Online Image and Practices to Goals

Leveraging LinkedIn for Vital Business Relationships

How to THRIVE using Social Workflow

Social Today

4.74 The average number of people linking any two strangers, according to scientists from Facebook and the University of Milan who studied 721 million Facebook Users. That’s quite a status update to the six-degrees-of separation theory of psychologist Stanley Milgram. In 1967 the professor asked a group of volunteers to send a document to a random Massachusetts resident via people they thought might know him. Milgram found that the process required six passes of the document to reach its intended recipient. The population may be expanding, but the world is getting smaller.