Stephanie Michele is a relational futurist and a practical optimist.  She believes there is a direct relation to the quality of communication and the quality of life. She has spent most of life studying this and sharing what she has learned with others. She speaks on the importance of increasing quality of relating in the juxtaposition of today marketplace trends and social technologies. She promotes the art of conversation in her presentations by engaging audience with questions. Her style is interactive, entertaining and relevant to her audience’s thoughts and feelings.

Sample of Stephanie Michele’s Key Note Speech Topics

  • Social Workforce Readiness – When you allow workforces to co-create the social culture they want, employers get the results they need. Happy employees deliver higher quality work and are more productive. They naturally participate in public social forums increasing their employer’s exposure to new business. Stephanie outlines a plan for employee engagement with long term benefits that will eliminate the cost of outsourced social media work.
  • Online Social Media/Networking –   All about social media; how the space has evolved, how companies, brands and individuals are using social media and what strategies work best for each. Stephanie covers best tips and practices for popular sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and shares why it is important to use the tools.
  • Social Skills First, Online Social Media Tools Second. – With all the talk about social media in the news, many people believe all you have to do is sign up, use the tools and your life and business will be better off for doing so. This is not the case at all. People who have the most success online are people who already understand social skill and grace. Companies who embrace proper social etiquette in their online campaigns get the most return on their investment.  In this speech Stephanie talks about online do’s and don’ts. She helps people understand how to make comparisons to in-person interactions to determine how best to proceed forward online.
  • The Importance of Goals Setting in Social Networking – Are you overloaded by the rate of information that is being exchanged online? Setting goals is the only way you will be able to determine what information you should pay attention to and what experts you should trust. Stephanie shares best practices for time management and evaluates popular social media tools based on personal and business goals.
  • How to Integrate Online Social Activities to Offline In-Person Relationship Building – Stephanie answers questions like these and more in this presentation: How does interaction online affect real life relationship building? What still works? What works no longer? Who should you include in your online forums and networks? What information do you share? How do you handle unfavorable interaction?

ABOUT STEPHANIE MICHELE: Stephanie Michele has been managing social networking plans for companies and individuals for over 10 years, even before online social tools existed.  She cuts through the confusing jargon associated with social media and teaches people how they can use the tools to benefit their unique goals. Stephanie teaches best practices in popular social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Her methods are fun, encouraging and practical. In 2009, she formed under the premise; if today’s social tools allow us to connect with anyone and everyone then why not set goals and connect with exactly who you need to know to make those goals happen. Stephanie is a social innovator both online and offline making her one of the few social media professionals that hybrids online activity with real life laws of nature producing measurable results through qualified relationships.

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