Position: Contract Project Manager

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Experience: Entry Level

Industry: Marketing and Sales

Job Function: Project Manager, Administrative, Customer Service

Compensation: Hourly pay based on experience and skill set

Job Description: Work with SocialBling executive team on client projects. Attend client meeting, help schedule tasks and keep projects on time and budget. Assist in keeping team accountable to desired deliverable by communicating in a matter that moves project along in most productive way possible. May also be required to assist SocialBling president in administrative work for the purpose of achieving big picture growth objectives.

Desired Skills and Experience: Excellent communication skills, (written and in-person) solution and service oriented. Ability to manage scheduling of tasks on projects and a good head for details.

Must have a least one of the following in your past experience or equivalent college studies: Start-up business, marketing, media, retail management, public relations, social media, sociology, production or project management

Positive attitude an absolute most. Leadership roles and experience with social groups also a plus.

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