I See You: A Reflection Inspired By Avatar

I went to see the movie Avatar over the weekend. It is way too easy to criticize the movie. There is so much in it, yet one could also argue what was there was not enough. As I blog, what I am about to say might sound hypocritical: There is a lot of “noise” in words in review. I want to inspire more than  noisy thoughts, I want to inspire action. So here is my reflection and how I am going to put into action.

Several time in the movie the characters would say, “I see you,” to each other, to other animals and to nature. The words were spoken with such a meditative loving pause I could not help but think how special I would feel to have those words spoken to me in a way I could actual feel the other person taking a careful pause to appreciate who I am.

Whether you say, “I see you, I hear you, or I feel you,” taking the time to mean those words when you deliver them to someone seems like a really special gift. The kind of gift that no matter if you are the receiver or the giver, both parties benefit from the greater gift of connection.

Whoever choice the words “I see you” for the movie, I want to say to them, “I feel you.” I am going to work on slowing down every day so I have the opportunity to say to someone else, “I see you, I feel you, or I hear you.”