Letter from the New Economy Consumer

To whom this may concern:
Everyday there are 1000’s of marketers competing for my time. I am consuming data and information at an alarming rate both online and off.  When I am at my computer, on average I am switching tabs or functions more than twice every 60 seconds. Experts say multitasking shuts down the part of the brain that is capable of empathy, so needless to say I am grumpy a lot. I am advertised to everywhere I go. My inbox is already full of disruptive emails I have no need for. I do not want to sign up for your newsletter or download your app especially if you have not communicated any sort of value equation or reason for me to do so.   If I sign up for your event or webinar and you used some sort of bait and switch to get me there or are not considerate of my time, I am not likely to be interested again.
When I want to spend time with your brand I prefer to do it on my own time. Meaning, I will seek you out via your social media profiles. When I go to your twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn in most cases I already know what you do so please share something I don’t know. I want to know what you are about. I want to know what you believe in. I want to see how other people like me interact with your brand. I want to hear from key people at your company and know they are listening to feedback. If you want me to spend time with you again become some sort of resource for me, provide me with tips and information I can use. Educate and inspire me.
Above everything else, earn my trust. If I don’t trust you, I will not buy from you. In fact, I am not likely to keep you on my radar unless I know someone that already trusts you enough to buy from you.
Lastly, big data lies. Don’t use it to lie to me.
Sincerely –
The New Economy Consumer

New Economy  Checklist
•    Are you prepared to market to this consumer?
•    Are the results of your content marketing strategy producing the right kind of referrals, repeat business and new sales?
•    Is a process of trust building a regular part of your marketing and operations strategy yet?
If you answered no to any of these questions, click here to schedule a free 30 minute consultation to discuss how you can market to and prepare for the new economy consumer.


topsquarestephAuthor Bio: Stephanie Michele is the CEO of SocialBling. SocialBling helps companies quantify trust through programs that improves their work culture and better the lives of their employees, customers and all relationships vital to the success. As a result of completing a SocialBling program, companies are left with sustainable processes for improved communication, successful use of social media tools and content marketing strategy that can withstand rapid change.