Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: You are My Biggest Influencer of Them All

Three years ago, I created my first twitter account @lovemorenow. I understood from the minute I was exposed to social media tools how to use them successfully and how they would revolutionize the way we communicate and do business. I was inspired to learn and share. Somewhere between month three and month six of using twitter, I found myself taken in by the social media current. I was getting obsessed with online interaction; watching, participating and predicting outcomes. I took a break from tweeting when I realized my obsession. My break lasted for a little over a week. When I came back one of the first @replys I received was from someone telling me my tweet statistics have slipped significantly. I replied, “That’s funny because my life stats have significantly improved.”

I take breaks from social media interaction to check and refocus alignment to personal and business goals. I am learning all the time no matter if I am reading the latest tech news or slowing down to be reflective. In the midst of my social media sabbaticals, I have managed to grow five twitter accounts with a combined total of over 8,000 followers. (This does not include client accounts where I have implemented and managed social media strategy)

Social Media can be Cruel

If you are using social media you have probably experienced some mean-spirited comments at some point. It is likely you have also found yourself being swept up in a current of “read-overload” that wasted precious productive time. Lastly, if you are using advanced social media tools for monitoring and managing your social media accounts, you might have experienced a case of “Social Graph Bullying” where your social graph creates doubt, confusion and hopelessness.

Your #1 Influencer

Everybody is talking about influence these days. Who is influencing you? Who is the most important person to be influenced by when it comes to social media? Do you know? Get out a mirror. The person who is staring back at you is the one you need to align with. Know that person. Know what his or her goals are. Identify your primary influencer’s communication formula and take time to understand how to successfully apply it to social media.

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