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Unplugged, Thinking, Writing It Down Every day technology is being further developed with wide reaching desired and undesired consequences. Take a closer look at what is being developed in Robotics, Nanotechnology, and Bioengineering. Familiarize yourself with writing from Ray Kurzweil, Bill Joy, David Brin or any futurist of your choosing. Technology forces us to make decisions in our relationships, communities, workplaces and political organizations that we have never been faced with before. As we use more technology to interact with each other, social skills of relating and understanding are on the decline. This decline hurts our personal, business and global relationships. Another way to think about it; as leaders make decisions about technical advancements, how important is it to you that they are capable of the empathy and understanding required to serve a sustainable society?

Technology doesn’t always improve the quality of a person’s life.  Many people admit to having an unhealthy addiction to personal devices such as mobile phones. However, there are many studies and statistics proving relational quality is directly related to the quality of life and happiness an individual experiences.  Our ability to communicate, relate, learn and understand each other is essential to our success and happiness. It is also vital to making decisions about when, where, why and how technology should be utilized in our lives. As technology advances, our human systems of relating needs to advance so we are equipped to make quality decisions for our world, communities and self.


Solutions start with asking questions. Our favorite answers come after exploring this question, “How is that working for you?”

Technology advancements are born out of desire for optimized use and performance. Are the daily systems we follow working to optimize energy, productivity, health, success and joy? If not, it is time to create new systems. Start with simple processes then test and measure for results. Reevaluate and modify as you go for improved results.

Successful and sustainable relating requires growth in three areas: personal, interpersonal and interdependence.

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