She has EVOO, I have EMBR

I like and admire Rachael Ray for many reasons. She is transparently-quirky, charitable and driven by her passions. In 2001 she was relatively unknown yet in three short years she was well on her way; making her mark with TV and radio shows, books and merchandise lines. I also like that she is now 41, and did all of this in her 30’s, proving that it never too late to reach for your dreams even if we are living in a “younger is better” nation.

I want to be the Rachael Ray of Commingling. What does this mean? Well, it means that I am committed to helping people connect with others. I want to promote the value of relationships via “fun show and tells,” rather than a preach/teach model. I am inspired by people, their passions and helping them make their dreams a reality. I believe we need to connect more and check out less. How do we do this? The best way is through an understanding and appreciation for Effortless Mutually Beneficial Relationships. (EMBR) More to come on EMBR’s…..