Social Media Frustration: What Makes You Say @#*%?

Have you ever attended an event that was clearly over capacity? The bar was under-serviced and over-populated. The room was too packed to move through or identify anyone. The food service trays were empty and cold.

Let’s be real, social media can feel like a party that wasn’t planned too well more times than not. It makes you want to reenact the scene in Office Space where the office employees destroy the infamous printer they could never get to work. What frustrates you the most?

office-space-employees-smashing-printerHere Are Some of My Frustrations:

1. Chasing the Slider – The annoying moving slider that keeps moving and loses your place when you are reviewing posts further down in the social stream.
2. Where is the MegaStore? – I can’t wait for the day that all social media tools are in one online store for easy comparisons of side by side features and value.
3. Pricing Transparency – Too many services offering free trials and not revealing their prices up front.
4. Facebook Customer Service – Why? Because there is NO SUCH thing. The advertising portal is full of bugs yet there is no way to contact Facebook to communicate those issues in a timely manner, however they have no issue when it comes to charging your card on time.
5. Speaking of Bugs – So many bugs!! If social sites were honest they would call us their beta-testers instead of their users.

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Stephanie Michele is a behavior skills analyst, social media strategist and social authenticity voice coach. She audits social media behavior and works one-on-one with people to create plans aligned to personality traits and goals. For more information about her and coaching sessions, click here.