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What is Social Workflow?

A moderated process of company interaction carried out in cross-department groups to maximize agility, effective communication, innovation and project completion.

What is Social Workforce Readiness™?

A social workflow training program.  Upon completing the program,  a collaborative “networked flow” of communication, information and work becomes the primary system in which work is reviewed and completed within a company.

What Type of Work(ers) is Social Workflow For?

Social workflow is a process for knowledge-base workers.

What Type of Companies is Social Workflow For?

Companies with 50- 5000 employees that are primarily knowledge-base workers.

Do We Have to Abandon Our Current Organizational System and Structure to Use Social Workflow?

No, social workflow can be integrated into your current organizational system, as it is adopted by majority of your workers, other processes will be phased out or revised to suit your organization.

How Long Does it Take to Put in Place?

Depending on the size of your organization and scope of roll out,  it will take anywhere from 6 weeks to 4 months to complete a readiness training program.

What Technology Requirements Are Needed for Social Workflow?

Social workflow requires the use of an internal social network tool.  We will work with tools already in place or will provide options via our technical partners.

How Do You Motivate Our Unmotivated Employees?

The process of social workflow emphasized strengths of individuals as they work together in groups. Before we implement the process we assess individual behavior and assign social roles based on skill and interest of each person.

What Does Social Workflow Have to Do With Performance Reviews?

Participation in groups can be measured and used to assess opportunities for advancements. Social workflow can be used to create and modify performance reviews programs.

How Many Groups Do Worker Participate in With Social Workflow?

Typically 2-3 groups. Groups participation varies based on size of organization and types of special interest projects.