The Singularity of Organization is Influence

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It is pretty hard to convince me to try something again once I have an unfavorable experience. Out of all the things that influence me, my personal experiences are primary.  Secondary to my experiences I am influenced by experiences shared via people I trust, respect and admire. Lastly, I find myself being influenced by whatever I give a considerable amount of time to.  A sad point of example: After overdosing on back to back chapters of House of Cards, my thoughts for a couple days were noticeably slanted to political evil. read more »


Letter from the New Economy Consumer

To whom this may concern:
Everyday there are 1000’s of marketers competing for my time. I am consuming data and information at an alarming rate both online and off.  When I am at my computer, on average I am switching tabs or functions more than twice every 60 seconds. read more »

Social Media Frustration: What Makes You Say @#*%?

Have you ever attended an event that was clearly over capacity? The bar was under-serviced and over-populated. The room was too packed to move through or identify anyone. The food service trays were empty and cold.

Let’s be real, social media can feel like a party that wasn’t planned too well more times than not. It makes you want to reenact the scene in Office Space where the office employees destroy the infamous printer they could never get to work. What frustrates you the most? read more »


Social Media Hoarders

This a Public Service Announcement:  Attention, you or someone you know may be suffering from social media hoarding.

Warning Signs Include:
1.    You follow and friend people only with the expectation that they will follow you back.
2.    You waste productive time counting followers and friends.
3.    #You #hashtag #everything  #!!!!!
4.    You have no idea who is in your social media networks.
5.    You talk all the time, but have no idea who is listening.
6.    The thought of trying to organize your efforts by connecting them to real goals is overwhelming.

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Would you do business with a company that tricked you into it?

The Tactic is Caring: Can You Handle It?

Despite the amount of bills and junk mail I receive, I actually look forward to getting the mail. I like sorting the mail to find my red envelope from Netflix and the occasional greeting card surprise from a friend or family member. Recently, I have a new reason to be excited about what is in the mailbox. I signed up to sponsor four WorldVision kids.  One could argue these kids need more from me than I need from them, but I am certain the opportunity to learn and grow with them without the influence of media and marketing is something my core is crying out for. read more »


What is Next for Oprah?

On Friday Oprah Winfrey announced she is calling it quits. Next season; season 25 will be the last season of the Oprah Show with the last show scheduled to air in June 2011.

In her announcement she talks about her relationship with her viewers and how some people have literally grown up with Oprah. What does that mean? What do you think people influenced by Oprah for 25 years are like? read more »


Halloween, Corporate Culture and Burning Man

My friend pointed out to me last week that he was “beginning to hear a theme” in our conversations. I am willing to bet if you asked five other people I speak with the most, they would tell you they hear my theme too. Everybody has a theme, it is the stage of theme that differs. A theme might be based on insecurities and fears, some you are willing to conquer and others that might be too hard to face. A theme can be based on passion and purpose; you might be in the process of gathering your thoughts or you might be laser-focused on certain actions and activities that are helping you visualize your life purpose. read more »


Why SocialBling, Why Now?

There is a long list of really important words and phrases that seem to be frowned upon – Commitment, Relationship, “We Need to Talk” and “It Is Not Working” comes to mind. These words bring fear to most yet without them there is not much that would get accomplished. Could you actually achieve a goal without speaking a single word? Could a plan be carried out with commitment? Can you learn what works without exploring what does not? read more »