Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: You are My Biggest Influencer of Them All

Three years ago, I created my first twitter account @lovemorenow. I understood from the minute I was exposed to social media tools how to use them successfully and how they would revolutionize the way we communicate and do business. I was inspired to learn and share. Somewhere between month three and month six of using twitter, I found myself taken in by the social media current. I was getting obsessed with online interaction; watching, participating and predicting outcomes. I took a break from tweeting when I realized my obsession. My break lasted for a little over a week. When I came back one of the first @replys I received was from someone telling me my tweet statistics have slipped significantly. I replied, “That’s funny because my life stats have significantly improved.” read more »


Top Ten Mistakes People Make in Online Networks (brought to you in David Letterman Style!)

Top Ten Mistakes People Make in Online Networks

10.  Forget about it’ – signing up for a network and not taking the time to put a photo or a profile up stating why you joined or what you are about.

9.  What happens on facebook, stays on facebook. – Now that you’re facebook friends, you don’t write or call anymore?  For real relationship TLC, don’t forget to make time for conversation over the phone and in-person get-togethers. read more »