Top Ten Mistakes People Make in Online Networks (brought to you in David Letterman Style!)

Top Ten Mistakes People Make in Online Networks

10.  Forget about it’ – signing up for a network and not taking the time to put a photo or a profile up stating why you joined or what you are about.

9.  What happens on facebook, stays on facebook. – Now that you’re facebook friends, you don’t write or call anymore?  For real relationship TLC, don’t forget to make time for conversation over the phone and in-person get-togethers.

8.  Won’t you be my neighbor? Adding friends without a personal reason why you would like to connect with them is like walking up to a stranger and asking them to be your friend. Who does that?

7. Nobody wants to be on a plane without Captain Sully. People will notice if your messages are on auto pilot, take the time to interact with people, don’t just push your messages on them. Online networks are made up of communities and every community has a neighborhood watch.

6.  Sharing IS caring, but it might be a good idea to ask first. Tag with care.

5.  “This will go down on your permanent record….”  Be careful, what you say, your words and photos could be interpreted the wrong way. When in doubt, ask yourself do you want the entire world to know this? If the answer is no, you might want to rethink what you are sharing.

4. Getting inspiration from “Read with Dick and Jane” for your posts/tweets. While a short post/tweet is sometimes nice, not everybody cares to read, “I just ate a sandwich,” “I like Wednesdays” and/or “I have a headache.”

3.  Ditch the Pitch, take the time to mingle and interact with people. Ask QUESTIONS, learn about others, that is really what this stuff is all about.

2. Stalking. Is further explanation really needed?

1.  Assuming everyone that is reading your posts/tweets is happily singing the Police song, “Every Breath You Take” personally to you.  No one is asking you to share EVERYTHING online, leave a little mystery.