Why SocialBling, Why Now?

There is a long list of really important words and phrases that seem to be frowned upon – Commitment, Relationship, “We Need to Talk” and “It Is Not Working” comes to mind. These words bring fear to most yet without them there is not much that would get accomplished. Could you actually achieve a goal without speaking a single word? Could a plan be carried out with commitment? Can you learn what works without exploring what does not?

SocialBling InvitationRelationships and the words we use to create and keep them are as important as the air we breathe. Is that an intimidating statement, sure it is. Does it have to be, I don’t think so.

With all the means we have to connect with each other these days, we have more of a relationship with the tools than we do with actual people. With that being said, let me be the first to say I am all for technology, I love it and love to see how it is evolving. Yet no amount of it replaces the value of a good friend, inspiring conversation with someone that blows your mind, and best yet, being in love.

SocialBling will evolve and use technology whenever possible to advance our offerings yet as much as we evolve, we will stay true to some basic principles of relationship building. As fast as things change, there are still no shortcuts to building relationships. Trust and understanding take time….and as they say, “good things are worth waiting for.”